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By accepting a quote made by Sewture you are entering an agreement.
This agreement includes but is not limited to, the below statements

I agree to Sewture using my old covers as patterns, I understand that old covers will no longer be of use.
I am not leaving anything of importance or value in the possession of Sewture (or) I have informed the staff at Sewture of any such items.
I agree that I am responsible for bolts, nuts or any other consumable that needs to be replaced during restoration unless otherwise quoted by Sewture.
If no deposit has been paid, I agree that I am responsible for payment of any orders that have been agreed upon and placed before my job is complete.
I agree that all notes taken are correct and have enough information for Sewture to complete my job. (Please consider, stitch pattern, foam repairs/ remoulding, colour options)
I understand that once my job commences changes may not be made.


Please contact us at for wholesale inquiries and commercial projects. We have experience in commercial work in locations such as hotels, cafes, schools and colleges, aged care. We are also able to work closely with designers, builders and other project managers.


​- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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