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  • Can you give me a quote?
    We sure can, you can either bring your piece/ pieces into us for a quote, send us a photo to or we can organise to do an onsite quote. Please note quotes may vary when quoted by pictures unless otherwise stated.
  • When will my work be complete?
    When you book in or bring your piece to us we an give you an approximate completion date. depending on the size of your job it is normally about 4-6 week lead time.
  • Do you do all upholstery work?
    While we do offer many upholstery services there are some specialty jobs that we may refer on to another upholsterer. This includes steering wheels, vinyl moulding and some canvas or ripstop work.
  • How can i get in contact with you?
    You can give us a call or visit our workshop during our business hours, 8-4 weekdays or send us an email with all of your details.
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